HSB JAPAN is a multidisciplinary company; since 2009, we started showing great enthusiasm in providing food delicacies to our customers.

It all started in this area of Sumida-ku, Tokyo, where we opened our very first fine dining restaurant called LITTLE HANOI, which offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine made from original home recipes. HSB JAPAN currently manages a chain of restaurants in downtown areas of Tokyo that serves delicious cuisines from both Asian and European culture. With our quality catering services, friendly staff members, and spacious rooms that hold up to 60-200 guests, we help you organize your special events like birthday and wedding parties.

After nine years of commencement, in February 2018, we extended our passion for food by opening YATAIMURA SHINOKUBO in Shin Okubo-Shinjuku with great care, which is a huge Asian food court capable of hosting up to 200 guests. YATAIMURA, together with a festive vibe, brings exquisite flavours of nine Asian countries together on your table (Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, India, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia).

In 2019, we further expanded our service by establishing two more restaurants named KANPAIYA DINING situated in Shinjuku and our latest restaurant called MAGURO DINING located in Kabuki-Cho, which is perfect for customers looking for an exceptional dining experience and standard food and drinks.

1. Asia Yataimura shinokubo Restaurant (9 Asian cuisines)
Serving dishes from 9 Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, India, Korea, China, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia)
Address: 1-11-28 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Daicho Ima Building 1F

2. Little Hanoi
Serving dishes from Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam
Address: 3-15-2 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0024

3, Kanpaiya Dining
Serving Japanese food
Address: Shinjuku ku, Kabukicho 1-17-7 JA Building B1F, Tokyo

4. Maguro Dining
Serving Japanese food
Address: Shinjuku ku, Kabukicho 1-23-12 10NK Building 2F, Tokyo

Food Factory in Nagano

Our food processing plant is outfitted with innovative machinery and equipment.

Beginning manufacture and distribution in early 2023, the items have gained attention from restaurants and supermarkets, as well as customers, throughout Japan. The company has completed export procedures to Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and numerous European nations. We take satisfaction in receiving constant support from clients all across the world.

HSB JAPAN is devoted to supplying consistently high-quality food items at competitive rates.