Tax Refund and Tax Deduction When Attending Furusato nozei

Furusato nozei is not basically a type of tax to pay, instead, it’s a regime in which the residents can distribute their effort in building and developing local regions in Japan through personal monetary donations. In addition, they will also get back the local specialties, like fruits, food, and others, from that locality as a thank-you gift. However, when engaging in the Furusato nozei, have you ever wondered about the

Comprehensive Requirements for Japan Tax Refund in 2022

In “How to Claim Your Income Tax Refund in Japan in 2022,” we show you what an income tax refund is, who is entitled to receive it, and what documents you need to send in an application. Still, you may wonder if you have to follow any requirements with the documents to get your application accepted. Hence, in this blog, we will delineate the detailed conditions for the documents you

How to Claim Your Income Tax Refund in Japan in 2022

If you are foreigners who have lived in Japan for nearly a year, you may hear about the term “income tax refund” and wonder what it is and whether you are eligible to receive it. This blog will give you a general understanding of income tax and how you can claim your income tax refund in Japan. What is individual income tax in Japan? First, you should know the definition


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Unlock your AU locked-phone to International version

Have you ever wondered how to unlock your carrier-locked phone to make it works worldwide? In Japan, Big3 Mobile Service Providers require a contracts with customers for 2 years of contract to use their service and smartphone. The devices by these companies are knows as carrier-lock smartphones. However, there are simple steps to unlock your phone. Not only it is capable of using worldwide, but also it is easier to


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