HSB Japanese Language School

HSB Japanese Language School was established in 2017 in Tochigi Prefecture – Japan, marking the transformation of HSB JAPAN into the field of education and opening a new branch in the HSB JAPAN ecosystem. Mission and goals HSB Japanese Language School aim to:

1. Fostering students to become young people with a good understanding of Japanese language and culture

In addition to providing the basic knowledge that prepares students for admission to Japanese vocational schools and universities, we also help improve understanding of the people and country of Japan, by building innovative methods for learners and promoting cultural exchanges with countries around the world.

2. Promoting the beauty of Japanese culture to the world

Through learning Japanese and communicating with Japanese people, we hope to develop human resources with a deep understanding of Japanese culture and people to create bridges in all fields such as economy, culture, etc. between Japan and the host country.

3. Help students achieve their goals

Towards becoming a companion with students on the path to knowledge, HSB Japanese Language School creates an academic environment where students can freely pursue their learning goals, enjoy demonstrating self-efficacy with the best support and learning conditions.
Not only provides a methodical Japanese language learning environment, but HSB Japanese Language School also provides exam preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT); guiding, advising and helping students complete their application for university and vocational training in Japan.