Tax refund service (including representative application of refund of pension lump-sum)

What kind of refund can we do?

1. Refund of the income tax and residential tax return in 5 years (foreigners or Japanese whose spouse is a foreigner)

2. 20,46 % tax refund for lump-sum withdrawal payments ( Nenkin).

3. Income tax return for foreigners who quit from work or left Japan.

We not only help you minimize the amount of tax payable to the Japanese government, but also help to refund the amount of tax arrears in previous years with comprehensive support, bringing convenience, assurance and transparent to our customers.

Reasons for Choosing Us

– We have cooperated with experienced tax advisory MASAO ISHIWATARI. Since 2013 we have assisted thousands of customers to claim their tax return.

– Trust and Achievements

– Support in multiple languages