Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments ( Japanese Pension Refund)

Persons who fulfill the following conditions can claim their pension refunds: 1.They are not a Japanese citizen, 2.They have paid Japanese pension contributions from 6 months to 10 years 3.You left Japan less than two years ago 4. They don’t reside in Japan now (※)Minimum period for a qualification to claim old age pension (basically after 65 years old) is currently 10 year’s enrollment. Most of foreigners who worked in Japan in a short period with working visas are to get qualified to claim their pension refunds after leaving Japan. When the social insurance office (Japanese Pension Service) reimburses your pension payments, it deducts 20% income tax on the refunded amount. However, we will help you reclaim the 20% tax charged on the Lump-sum withdrawal.

We carry out TOTAL PROCESS of claiming pension refunds legally.

We examine all your documents before claiming and help you succeed in your refund surely.