Unlock your AU locked-phone to International version

Have you ever wondered how to unlock your carrier-locked phone to make it works worldwide? In Japan, Big3 Mobile Service Providers require a contracts with customers for 2 years of contract to use their service and smartphone. The devices by these companies are knows as carrier-lock smartphones.

However, there are simple steps to unlock your phone. Not only it is capable of using worldwide, but also it is easier to switch to other carriers/services in Japan. In this example, we show you how to unlock iPhone (which is locked by AU).

First, you need to record your phone IMEI number (write it down carefully).

Your IMEI number:

Go to Settings, and then choose General

Choose About from General

Scrolling down, you should see the IMEI number

Unlocking the iPhone:

Access the link below:


You can use Google Chrome Web browser to display the content in English (if you don’t understand Japanese)

Choose “au ID Registration”

Filling your email address and choose the button below to send mail to your mail box

An email will be sent to your mailbox, which include the verified code, filling the code and choose the button Next

1. Creating password for your AU ID
2. Birth date
3. Your gender
4. And then choose the button to confirm

Choose this button to complete the registration

Using your IMEI number for unlocking

Access the link below


Scrolling down to choose SIM unlock procedure (My AU) and then input the mail which registered AU ID above

Input your IMEI number (2 times) and then choose “Next” button

In this step, it will display your device
1. Choose the country for using the device (you should choose your home country).
2. Choose the email address to receive the status of unlock the device.
Choose the button to complete this step.

So the unlock procedure has been completed, you should receive the email from AU to notify about the unlock status

Time for trying the sim card from the other service provider, right?